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 Ser Gork - LoL

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Ser Gork
Knockout Junior
Knockout Junior

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PostSubject: Ser Gork - LoL   Tue Jan 25, 2011 6:12 am

1. Whats your age and gender?
I'm 24, male. And I don't think I would want to change it soon, at least gender. As for age, I'm older with every year. Crying or Very sad

2. What Games do you play ? (BO, BC2, KF, LoL )
Now? Hmm, League of Legends, little WoW and sometime L4D and Counter Strike 1.6 or Day of Defeat: S

3. What is your primary user name ?
Ser Gork

4. What Assets can you bring to the table that make us want to recruit you?
Next mouth to feed, besides this, not much, I'm still at point when I'm trying to learn lol, like, make some skills combos or splitting my focus between my character and mini-map to became natural. At this point I'm still at lvl 29 (half to 30), the reason for posting it now is that I do liked this few games I had with Knockout members. And if you want me to play with you, and test me out, then there is no reason not to post it. Smile

5. What past experiences do you have with clans or guilds?
I was in Day of Defeat clan, then in Counter Strike 1.6 clan and I was playing on ESL, but without astonishing results. Ofc when playing WoW I'm in some guild, but nothing special either.

6. Are you able to donate 2-5 Euros a month for game servers? (Not required, but appreciated)
Maybe. It depends of how much I'll have for food, working in high-school does not make me rich man. Wink

7. Why do you want to join Knockout?
I wanted to play ranked games as I score lvl 30, and I would like to do so with some team play. Why Knockout? I was defeated by Aeterno and Nanobug, after that we were talking a little and they gave me link to Knockout forum. Here is everything I may want from clan. No rage, spam, flame, if so, I don't see the reason why not to make an application and try my strength here.

8. Are you able to recruit a couple of members into the clan?

9. Who Referred you to join Knockout? (If no one did, mention how you found us)

10. Do you have a microphone and/or headset?

11. What country are you currently living in?
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The Godfather
The Godfather

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PostSubject: Re: Ser Gork - LoL   Thu Jan 27, 2011 1:25 am

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Ser Gork - LoL
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