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 Looking to join the clan! (League of Legends)

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PostSubject: Looking to join the clan! (League of Legends)   Sat Feb 05, 2011 10:19 am

1. Whats your name?

Name's Colin McNair, usually answer to Chuck or Waka, though | Game name -- Wakatonga

2. How old are you?

I'm going to be 18 in May

3. How experienced are you if you should explain it with your own words?

In League of Legends I only have about 700 games under my belt. I was a huge Dota junkie, played almost daily before League came out. When it comes to clan/guilds I've joined a few associated with Dota, but the most significant was a guild called 'Noxous' in World of Warcraft where I eventually became the class leader and co-leader, lots of fun!

4. How long have you been playing League of Legends?

Only about five months; it's the reason I want to join a clan! I wanna learn all the little stop rammus with ward type tricks

5. What roles can you play, and what champions do you like?

Well, it's always fun to play carries (Corki and Ezreal mostly), because it's feel like so much of the game depends on you. I always really enjoy playing 'off-tank' type champions like Udyr or AP Sion. I've played some Anivia and I'm fine with playing support because clairvoyance seems super fun to me for whatever reason.

6. Do you play any other games besides League of Legends?

World of Warcraft, Achaea/Lusternia, Dota

7. What assets can you bring to that clan that make us want recruit you? Explain with your own words.

I most certainly don't stand in fire, unless it's that kinda fire that's good -- then I'm all up in that fire. YEAH, a- and I buy wards and STUFF!
But, in all seriousness, I feel like I'm good at being competitive without being 'that guy' who takes the loss a little too close to heart. I like to think I'm really good at applying criticism and adapting my play to different games.

8. Have you been in other Clan's in League of Legends before? - If yes, which ones, and why did you leave them?

Uh, no.

9. Why do you want to join Knockout?

It seems like fun! Also, I'm glad that I've learned so much about this game and want to use it, and be around other people that use their learnin'! I really want to get into some ranks as well. It's really fun to have someone to laugh with when a red buff gets stolen by a global ulti, too, amirite? AMIRITE?

10. What type of clan are you looking for, serious or casual? Big or small?

I wanna get into some ranks, that's about it. Hopin' to have some people to duo queue with and maybe some fives!

11. Do you have any friends that might be interested in joining us as well?

I may! I would like to see how the clan is before I actually refer anyone, though

12. Did you get referred by any of your friends? - If no, how did you find us?

League of Legends forums!

13. Do you have a working michrophone and headset?

I certainly do

14. What country do you currently live in, and what's the timezone for that country?

Living in the USA, Central Time Zone(Kansas)

15. What do you do in your spare time? Any sports, girl/boyfriend, weekend parties, etc. we should know about?

I play a lot of basketball... and occasionally go to random social activities, but I should usually know ahead of time so it shouldn't be an issue. Also, Extended basketball season is over in like two weeks anyway

16. Got anything you want to share or ask us about?

I can speak Portuguese at like the 2nd grade level and I have flat feet!
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PostSubject: Re: Looking to join the clan! (League of Legends)   Sat Feb 05, 2011 10:28 am

You do realise this is an european located guild do you m8 Wink?
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PostSubject: Re: Looking to join the clan! (League of Legends)   Sat Feb 05, 2011 2:54 pm

We are a EU clan ... the post was made on the EU league of legends forum

But if you play on the EU servers then plz do
Add one of the Trial Testers ingame.

Click on Trial Testers to see their names.

They got the same ingame names.
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PostSubject: Re: Looking to join the clan! (League of Legends)   Sat Feb 05, 2011 6:03 pm

I actually started out on the European servers because that's where some of my friends played -- didn't realize this was a European based guild though. I was kinda just fed a link, and I'd rather not a join a European guild since I get like 250 ping! Sorry/Thanks!
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The Godfather
The Godfather

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PostSubject: Re: Looking to join the clan! (League of Legends)   Sat Feb 05, 2011 7:50 pm

No problem at all. For everyone else out there this is a good example of
a apllicatiom with effort in it
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PostSubject: Re: Looking to join the clan! (League of Legends)   

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Looking to join the clan! (League of Legends)
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