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PostSubject: ---JahBuLon   ---JahBuLon I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 05, 2011 10:45 am

1. Konstantinos

2. 21

3. I can answer by years, ~1.5 year of lol but not so frequently at first and previously DOTA before even the :Allstars.

4. ~1.5

5. I will answer in the 16# question!

6. A lot but what games exactly do you need to know?! Like chess? Smile

7. Teamwork and a good support/tank in the team?

8. No, only playing when members of clans but not a member myself.

9. Bored of "for fun" games.

10. Serious/Small but for the second i have np as long as its serious.

11. Not that i can recall of.

12. Phoonzang found me from the lol forum.

13. Yea

14. Greece +2 GMT

15. Many things to state them now, chess, poker, gym, lol (mainly! :p) +more+more.

16. Don't know what other to share, you know half my life with 16 questions!! :p

Ok, a part of my post from lol forum which says enough to get tested (i think!),

Champions Owned: Almost all, 5-6 missing.

Rune Pages: Attack Speed, Armor Pen, Full AP, Tank Book, Full Crit %, Mana Regen, and I can continue but there is no point, i have around 2/3 of all the existing runes!

Elo: Sadly and unluckily I haven't met any good carries to play with so i haven't managed to grow in elo ratings at all, but you can check my ranked stats that show that wasn't almost not at all my fault for loosing any of the ranked games i have played, maybe ~2-3 at max!

Hours of Gameplay every Week: Depending, I study at university right now so there are some weeks with more than 20h and some ~ 10h, I'd say min 10h and max 25h

Strong Points: Crazy last hitting, great co-op and communication, great reaction time, always a solo laner when not a support or a tank.

Weak Points: I have tried jungle like max 10 times and the 6-7 of them were with fiddle so I don't really have any jungling knowledge, but I am a fast learner. Not a good ganker due to the fact that I am more of a Chinese farm playstyle and that's the reason I don't usually jungle.

Preferred Roles: From years before from dota I usually excel in the entire mage category, from Supports (Janna, Soraka) to Carries (Kassa). Playing some very serious full arranged games with top ranked players I accidentally met the last months got me playing Support Roles/Main and Off Tanks and that's what I would like mainly to play in a team. But I can play at more than a decent level any champion except very few.

Need anything else?

But please can u answer me also in my e-mail coz I may get confused in this forum? its kwnstantinos89_@hotmail.com
thanks in advance
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PostSubject: Re: ---JahBuLon   ---JahBuLon I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 05, 2011 2:47 pm

Add one of the Trial Testers ingame.

Click on Trial Testers to see their names.

They got the same ingame names.
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