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 Jonkos Application

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PostSubject: Jonkos Application   Jonkos Application I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 27, 2011 1:24 am

Whats your name?

Real name Jonatan, reallife nick and ingame name; Jonkos.

How old are you?


How experienced are you if you should explain it with your own words?

Started playing a month ago, since a quiet long break, before that i've allways been in the top teams, and on the top 100 elolist(upper part of it, and this is not in the ranked list).
Started playing in closed beta, One of the first, think even the first wave of invite, and from start til 3-4 months after that, when i was very active i was probebly pending between top 10-25 players i europe.

How long have you been playing League of Legends?

6 months from start of closed beta, then a break until one month ago.
From the break until then i played HoN instead all the time.

What roles can you play, and what champions do you like?

Prefer to play ganker/semi-carry. Also initiator from time to time.
At the moment my main is katarina, but before in competive play, i was our team's stunner/ap, in those cases annie and sion, and when playing initiator malphite.

Happy to play others aswell.

Do you play any other games besides League of Legends?


What assets can you bring to that clan that make us want recruit you? Explain with your own words.

A lot of competive experience and willing to experiment, was part of the ones who really tried new things, like lvl 1 dragon, starcall soraka etc. Don't know the meta atm in competetive but fast understanding it when it comes to serious matches.
I dont master all the new champs that came since poppy(including her), but know pretty much how to fight em all.
Will bring my sweet katarina to carry to victory with bad ass dps Wink.

Have you been in other Clan's in League of Legends before? - If yes, which ones, and why did you leave them?

PieRats (top 4-top 8 team in beta, playing with sommie and maka there, who both is top players still.)
Grief is Good (placed top 8 in tourny with 256 team when game was released.)

Why do you want to join Knockout?

Hopefully you want to reach the same level as me, top 8 team in europe.

What type of clan are you looking for, serious or casual? Big or small?

Small Serious, 6, maybe 7 solid players, more then that will always fail.
5 in a core team, with 2 reserves, that stilll plays alot with the rest of the team.

Did you get referred by any of your friends? - If no, how did you find us?

LoL-recruit forums.

Do you have a working microphone and headset?


What country do you currently live in, and what's the timezone for that country?

Sweden, GMT +1.

What do you do in your spare time? Any sports, girl/boyfriend, weekend parties, etc. we should know about?

Parties, gym.
Girlfriend each 2-4 week, distance so not taking game time Wink.

Intressting, and you feel aswell that the team will have potential to climb to the top, add me in game as "Jonkos"
and let's try each other out.
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Jonkos Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jonkos Application   Jonkos Application I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 27, 2011 2:09 am


Add the Trial Testers ingame : nicos1, EmperorOfDoom and Plazebo.

You can also add me or Tenshura.

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Jonkos Application
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